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  • 9:00

    Welcome from the Conference Chairperson

  • 9:15

    Keynote: Promoting AI Innovation & Responsibility

    • Using AI technologies to advance corporate strategies and protect critical infrastructure
    • Conforming to the requirements of Executive Order 13960, Promoting the Use of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
    • Acquiring and using AI in a manner that is consistent with corporate objectives, long term goals and ethics
    • Keeping pace with this rapidly evolving technology transparently and responsibly
  • 9:45

    Keynote: Identify & Integrate Cutting Edge AI and Tech Solutions

    • Identify the major categories and providers of AI Product and Solutions landscape
    • Understand limitations and opportunities with each
    • Demonstrate short and long term actions that have impact
    • Optimizing your AI solution with your current tech stack
  • 10:15

    Panel: The Age of Undeniable Potential for AI: Making the Case for a Chief AI Officer Within the Enterprise

    • Understanding AI as an integral capapbilty across the enterprise and need to adopt a cohesive strategy, quickly
    • Keeping pace with the rapid transformation across all industries to determine the precise nature of the definition and role of the CAIO
    • Collaborating across all industries, sharing experience and best practice so as to identify AI opportunities
    • Ensuring the ethical and responsible use of AI
  • 11:00

    Networking Break

  • 11:30

    Harmonizing AI Vision with Business Strategy and Human Capital: Embedding Positive AI Culture Across Your Organization

    • Build and nurture AI skills across the enterprise and esnure the organization has the right talent for AI execution
    • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development
    • Creating an AI-drive Innovation culture: instilling the importance of AI for the future of the business
    • Ensuring every team member understand the impact of AI on their role
    • Addressing ethical, regulatory and compliance issues: managing ethical considerations in AI application
    • Navigating regulatory and compliance challenges related to AI
  • 12:00

    Rethinking AI and Impact on Business and Humanity

    • Understand the massive impact AI has had in its most mature adoptions
    • Review current guidelines and philosophy regarding the future of AI as it applies to corporations and societal values and values
    • Determine best case applications of AI by industry
  • 12:30

    The Emergence and Development of Generative AI Across the Enterprise


    This session will illustrate how the emergence and development of Generative AI is reshaping the enterprise landscape, driving efficiency, personalization, and creativity to unlock new opportunities and competitive advantages.

  • 1:00

    Networking Lunch

  • 2:00

    Navigating an AI First World, Responsibly

    • Accelerate your journey to become AI First, while keeping the utmost consideration for ethical standards, privacy, and social impact
    • Understand AI as the new computing platform
    • Rethink the relationship and engagement between people and technology
    • Empower people to realize what can be created and how can technology and human ingenuity can be coupled for an optimal business and society
  • 2:30

    Combining AI and Human Experience to Solve Talent Shortages and Changing Work Trends

    • How AI can help companies obtain competitive advantages
    • Using AI to mitigate talent shortages, ease transitions to the mass adoption of remote working, and empower employees adapting to the changing work environments 
    • Implement AI to simplify talent sourcing and enhancing staff productivity
  • 3:00

    Harness the Revenue-Generating Potential of AI & ML

    • Evaluating the prominence and relevancy of data
    • Balancing data model interpretability and accuracy
    • Building vs. maintaining your data models
    • Blockchain innovation
    • What should inform regulation of ethical AI and machine learning?
  • 3:30

    Networking Break

  • 4:00

    Assess and Optimize ROI of GenAI

    • Assessing and optimizing the return on investment (ROI) for Generative AI projects is paramount as businesses increasingly invest in this transformative technology
    • Learning to measure the tangible and intangible ROI factors to justify and enhance generative AI projects
    • Discovering strategies for aligning Generative AI goals with business objectives and market demands
    • Gaining insights into continuous monitoring, model refinement, and adaptation to maximize Generative AI project ROI
  • 4:30

    From Conversational AI to GenAI

    • Moving from current conversational AI narrow models to new Generative AI pre-trained models for next generation customer care
    • Exploring live cases as well as futuristic concepts, considering both benefits and challenges, results and deployment strategies, with an eye towards sustainability and ethical AI usage
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    Networking Reception


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  • 9:00

    Panel: Defining the Role of CAIO and Why Organizations Need One

    • Defining the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
    • Developing strategic alignment: ensuring AI initiatives align with overall strategic goals
    • Bridging the gap between technical capabilities and organizational vision
    • Developing a comprehensive roadmap for AI integration
    • What specific expertise should a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer possess: specialized knowledge in machine learning, natural language processing and more
    • How to make informed decision making about AI technologies and their applications
  • 9:45

    So Now You're the CAIO: Building a Successful AI Strategy

    • Developing your strategy together with senior leadership so as to not lose the initial excitement around your appointment
    • Demonstrating the deep understanding of AI technology and strong business acumen
    • Effective communication with technical and non-technical staff
    • Developing budget and financial planning skill to ensure strong ROI of AI initiatives and investments
    • Overcoming resistance to integrating AI into the organization culture: fostering a culture of innovation and data-drive decision making
    • Staying compliant with evolving AI regulations
    • Prioristing cybersecurity measures to protect AI assets and data
  • 10:15

    CAOI vs. CDO: Exploring the Differences Between the Two Leadership Roles

    • Defining the roles of the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer and the Chief Data Officer
    • Understanding the relationship between the two roles
    • Examining the AI specific tasks for the CAIO in relation to eh role of CDO management
    • Managing legislation related to AI-specific data
    • Addressing gaps in the organization skill set related to data
  • 10:45

    Networking Break

  • 11:15

    Navigating Industry Disruption: GenAI Induced Business Model Transformation

    • Analyzing generative AI's influence on various sector's competitive dynamics, identifying key shifts and opportunities
    • Developing proactive strategies to leverage generative AI for unique value propositions and market differentiation
    • Establishing cross-sector dialogues to understand and adapt to the broader implications of generative AI transformations
  • 12:15

    Embedding Responsible AI Practices Across Your Organization


    By incorporating the approaches below, organizations can effectively embed AI responsibility into their practices and contribute to the development of trustworthy and ethically aligned AI systems.

    • Ethical frameworks and guidelines
    • Bias detection and mitigation
    • Transparency and explainability
  • 1:15

    Networking Lunch